Genuine expertise in solving the most difficult safety challenges.

We can help you reduce your risks today.

Power Safety is a team of people with genuine expertise in solving the most difficult challenges in maintaining safe and reliable operations.

Whether you’re driven by values, economics, social license, or all of the above – we will help you map the most effective path to an adaptive and resilient workplace that is able to grapple with the risks of ever-changing operational demands.

Who we are

Our team is made up of technical specialists and highly experienced generalists with orientation to all industrial sectors. Power Safety’s consulting model is to couple our core team’s broad range of capabilities with the deep technical expertise of our partner organisations, to provide clients with sharp thought leadership, evidence-based solution design, and services that have sustainable outcomes.

Leadership, Culture & Workforce Development

  • Operating culture diagnosis and strategy development
  • Executive leader mentoring
  • Leadership assessment and coaching (virtual & field)
  • Frontline Team training and tools for managing self and team exposure

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Critical Risk Management & Governance

  • Analysing critical risk management systems effectiveness
  • Risk containment strategy development
  • Adapting field exposure control programs to best practice
  • Real-time critical risk exposure data & reporting

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Pandemic Risk Management Services

  • Assessment of Covid19 risk management strategy
  • Tools to assess Covid19 site compliance
  • Advisory on embedding pandemic risk controls into risk management framework
  • Stress-testing Covid19 risk management program

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How we help

We DON’T prescribe to the view that there is such a thing as ‘safety culture’, but we DO believe that ‘organisational culture’ is fundamental to how organisations balance the trade-off between efficiency and thoroughness (or risk and reward). We believe the priorities of senior leaders is paramount in how effective systems work in controlling risk.

How this plays out on the operations floor is inevitably influenced by the priorities of senior leaders, which in turn affects the efficacy of systems designed to control risk, and how the frontline worker makes task decisions in critical moments.

For effective performance improvement, we look at 3 core areas and seek to understand the relationship between each of these elements

What People Say About Us

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Warren over the past few years, supporting key safety leadership programs of work. From a personal perspective, Warren has helped shape my development and confidence for leadership stakeholder engagement, coaching & influence through his many years of experience within this field.

His desire to help people and make a difference to challenge one’s capability, has been very rewarding for me personally, and for that I’m always appreciative of Warren’s friendship.

As a change agent, Warren is a very astute leadership coach, focusing on the end game through conceptual application and a high-level understanding of how business systems, people and culture must all come together for successful change within large corporations. As a result of this, Warren has helped businesses (including Australia Post Group) have success in change cultural programs. A very knowledgeable man and a good human.

Mohammed (Mo) Ibrahim

Safety Leadership Program Lead, Australia Post

Warren is a capable, experienced and personable. He has the ability to quickly gain a deep understanding of the business and delivers practical, effective yet simple solutions to complex business problems. He adapts to change quickly, relates very well to his colleagues and clients building strong relationships with ease. He was a pleasure to work with.

Lexi Wooderson

Head of People & Culture, The Comfort Group ANZ

Warren is fantastic to work with and has exceptional expertise in safety leadership. I had the pleasure of engaging Warren to guide us through a transformational safety management project at Aurizon. He is an enthusiastic facilitator who can bring a diverse group of people to work towards a common goal.

Being a skilled educator, Warren ensured the team was well equipped to translate knowledge and insights to practical application. Warren earns my highest recommendations and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Viktor Santesson

Strategy & Innovation Leader, Aurizon

I have found working with Warren around strategies such as Safety Leadership and Exposure Reduction a rewarding and enlightening experience. Warren is quick to get an understanding of the problem at hand as well as the business context it is concreted in. Not a suited wall flower, Warren rolls up his sleeve and gets out into the operation to really understand the nuances that drive your business.

Warren demonstrates a balanced and considered viewpoint of the business world, he slips effortlessly between the theoretical and the operational views of your business he has immersed himself in. Warren also has the innate ability to get you to challenge your own conceptions of the situation.

Warren’s endgame is always to make his role as coach redundant by building up the skillsets within the team. This he does with a high level of respect, a good dose of humility and a splash of aplomb. For any individual, or team, intent on turning up the dial on Leadership or Safety the Warren is the type of guy you want in your corner.

Jason O'Kiefe

GM HSE, Wettenhalls


Richmond,  Victoria, 3121

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