Critical Risk Management & Governance

Critical Risk Management & Governance

We know that certain factors contribute to critical and fatal risks that need special treatment and assurance programs to consistently reduce exposure over time. We also know that leaders of high hazard workplaces have significant personal incentives to accurately identify and effectively control these risks.
Many organisations have heavily invested programs targeted at controlling, measuring, and assuring those risks are controlled in their workplaces. Yet over the last decade, fatalities and serious injury occurrences have stubbornly refused to respond to control efforts in the same way that low-consequence outcomes have.

Power Safety has developed deep practical expertise in helping clients to redefine their critical risk management strategy and the experience necessary to shape leadership, system and field-based activities for sustainable improvement. Our point of view is there are three domains of intervention:

Making the Case for Change

  1. Has the frequency of serious incidents become a concern to your executive and/ or board?
  2. Do the same serious incidents and near misses repeat themselves too many times?
  3. Is there a sense that a ‘big one’ might be just around the corner, and till now you have been lucky?

Proactive Exposure Control

  1. Does your critical controls toolset enable the frontline to effectively manage their risk?
  2. How do you know If critical controls are effective in managing the exposure of high-risk tasks?
  3. Do leaders actively seek to resolve the gap between ‘work as done’ and ‘wok as planned’?

Learning from Unplanned Events

  1. Have you run investigator training but not getting the improvement you need?
  2. Do your people understand the human and system factors that drive most of your unplanned events?
  3. Are your incident reporting and corrective actions inconsistent in quality and effectiveness?


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